About Alhassan

Alhassan Susso is an educator, speaker and author who has devoted his career to transforming the lives of young people facing difficulties, particularly new immigrants to America.  An immigrant from West Africa, Alhassan came to America as a poor teenager coping with a rare eye disease which left him nearly blind at an early age.
Having overcome this and other obstacles, Mr. Susso seeks to expand the worldview of young minds so they could find meaning in their lives in order for them to reach their destiny.

As a high school teacher at a New York City Public School specializing in new immigrants, Alhassan has worked with children from all across the globe, facing a range of personal, social and economic challenges.  Drawing on his own personal struggles, Alhassan has honed his talent for engaging students at their level and helping them transform their lives.
Over the past several years, he has worked with over 600 teens. His electrifying smile, energy and authenticity have earned him the moniker of “The most admired and influential teacher.”

Alhassan is the author of the recently published memoir, The Light of Darkness, The Story of the Griots’ Son, which traces his journey to America as a nearly blind teenager and his trials and triumphs becoming American, while maintaining his deep African roots.  The story builds on Susso’s long family tradition of serving as griots’, the keepers and transmitters of his peoples’ history, and how he continues that tradition as a teacher to new immigrants in America today.

The inspirational story follows his inner life and thoughts as he moves back and forth between the Old World and the New, and his personal transformation.  This story is about family and lineage.  It is about tradition and change.  It is about Africa, in a sense, if there is really such a place as singular in definition as Africa.  It certainly is a story about being African, particularly from the perspective of his new American homeland.

Alhassan speaks on variety of topics including: Leadership, Turning Adversity into Opportunity, Development of the Right Mindset for Success, Development of a Clear and Compelling Vision for the Future, Effective Communication Skills, Crafting a Powerful Story and Development of Loving and Lasting Relationships.